Gas and Liquid Analyzers

Contel supplies automated CEMS gas analyzers, GC chromatographs and ABT FTIR systems for chimney monitoring, manufacturing and laboratory processes, and sampling systems. Everything is done to the most stringent environmental standards. The supply consists of leaf design, commercial production, sampling, operation and installation at customer’s site, service maintenance 24/7 . Contel holds a large inventory of spare parts for prompt delivery in the event of a malfunction.

Advance Optima and EasyLine series

Advance Optima and EasyLine series

ABB offers three series of extractive gas analyzers catering to a diverse range of industries and applications. Sensing technologies perfected over more than 90 years are the foundation for a modular architecture delivering market leading performance and reliability – Uras (NDIR), Limas (NDUV), Magnos (Paramagnetic), Caldos (TCD), Fidas (FID), ZO23 (Zirconia). ABB also offers tunable diode laser (TDL) analyzers that measure in situ, directly at the stack or process line. The analyzers are world renowned for ruggedness, easy installation and operation in safe and hazardous areas, simplified calibration and outstanding possibilities for integration in digital networks.

Advance Optima AO2000 Integrated analyzer system solution

Advance Optima series with a modular system design. Broadest range of analysis technology from specialized process photometers to in-line laser measurement. Centrally and remotely operable with Ethernet networks. Designed for use in hazardous areas and with flammable sample gases.

The Advance Optima process gas analyzers have a modular design that offers a long-term security in your investment. Analyzer modules can be freely combined into tailor-made solutions and upgraded or extended with new features at any time. Remote modules are easily attached and centrally operated.

 Advance Optima offers:
  • One central unit and up to 4 analyzer modules
  • All analyzers use high performance measurement technology
  • Multiple analyzer systems: up to four analyzer modules with up to six sample components in one system
  • Extensive automatic calibration with air or integral calibration cells, no need for test gas cylinders
  • Self-monitoring function indicates when maintenance is required
  • Hazardous location approved models in accordance with international standards
  • “Safety Concept” for measuring flammable gases in Zone 2 , Category 3G
  • Provides Ethernet TCP/IP interfaces, OPC server, PROFIBUS and Modbus interfaces
Analyzer Advance Optima AO2000

Magnos28 Paramagnetic oxygen measurement reaches new heights

The Magnos28 represents the future of paramagnetic oxygen measurement, leveraging ABB’s pioneering technology leadership and over 75 years of innovation in the field of continuous gas analysis. This exciting new product completely rethinks paramagnetic oxygen analysis, replacing the glass dumbbell with a revolutionary new silicon sensor, the microwing.

Introducing the latest production techniques greatly improves repeatability and precision of the measurement. The automatic manufacturing process is capable of sub-micrometer precision leading to levels of quality and reproducibility beyond anything that is currently available on the market.

The ability to set individual measuring ranges allows the analyzer to be easily tailored to specific measurement requirements. An outstanding characteristic of this analyzer is its long term stability. In most applications, calibration of the zero-point with ambient air or nitrogen is only required once a month. It is also suitable for measuring rapid changes in the concentration of the sample gas.



LS25 is in-situ cross duct analyzers for measuring gas concentrations. It apply the highly selective, optical measuring principle of tunable diode laser (TDL) absorption spectroscopy.  For measurement purposes a single absorption line is selected from the gas to be measured in the near infrared spectral range, at which no cross-sensitivity from other gases occurs. The absorption line is scanned and the receiver located opposite detects the absorption caused by the sample gas and calculates the gas concentration from this. The transmission rate is displayed as a signal for predictive maintenance.


MultiFID14 FIDAS 24

In its most extensive version, an Advance Optima multi-analyzer system consists of four analyzer modules and it can measure six different components. Communication takes lace via its internal system bus. Other locally installed system components for the conditioning of sample gas, such as sample gas feeding units and coolers, can also be integrated. All the modules are operated by the central processing unit – and the analyzer module can even be installed up to 350 m away.

Analyzer ACF 5000

Hot/wet extractive system ACF5000

The new benchmark in FTIR CEMS

ACF5000 can measure up to 15 components simultaneously including water soluble components to accurately monitor the composition of exhaust gases.

  • Longest certified maintenance interval with 12 months, issued by MCERTS in the UK.
  • Internal validation unit for QAL3 checks without the need for test gases.
  • Lowest maintenance costs.
  • High resolution FTIR with long-life optical components.
  • Pre-engineered based on > 25 years of experiences.
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