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Contel supplies instrumentation equipment and systems for control of processes employed in the chemical and petrochemical industry in particular, as well as in other industries, such as power stations and energy plants, and food, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, paper, and cement industries, etc. Contel is also a leading supplier of equipment and advanced systems for gas and liquid analysis, and a manufacturer of sampling and control panels required by such applications.

Contel is also one of Israel’s leading suppliers of industrial control valves for all types of industrial applications, providing first-rate engineering support to ensure optimal selection and implementation, that factors in both the details of the process and the cost of the valve and its accessories.

Contel also supplies special and unique control valves for natural gas under high pressure, including for the natural gas lines that have been installed in Israel in recent years. In this arena, Contel has strategic business partnerships with leading multinationals such as Dresser Masoneilan, L&J Technologies andABB Analytical.

Additionally, Contel distributes and integrates various analytical tools for the industrial segments, most of which are detecting quality of air and liquids and confirm to high standards of Environmental regulations in Israel.

We supply the following equipment and services:

  • Heat and Energy Conversion
    • Combustion supply, including Riello IC industrial Combustion
    • Field commissioning
    • Gas Detectors
    • Torch Control (Siemens)
    • Combustion Valves (Siemens)
    • Planning and Manufacturing of electrical cabinets
  • CPG Conversions
    • Steam Boilers
    • Industrial Ovens
    • Central Heating
    • Dryers
    • Small and Medium sized power turbines
    • Compression turbines
  • CEMS – a mobile system for emission detection in pipes and chimneys
  • Spectronics Open Path gas and emission detection


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