AUBO Robotics collaborative robot AUBO-i5 is a six axis, 5 Kg payload, 924 mm reach lightweight industrial robot made for human centric agile manufacturing.
This collaborative robot is also known as a Cobot, it can work closely within a human workspace without safety equipment, depending on a risk assessment.
It is user friendly, flexible, low cost and very easy to move, re-deploy and can be plugged into a regular 110 – 230 V AC wall socket to run.
No programing skills are needed to set up through hand guiding and have the robot running in various high mix or short run applications.
AUBO-i5 small foot print has a huge benefit for any size company’s production cost do to the floor space floor space premium cost.
AUBO Robotics help companies gain competitive advantage in a manufacturing environment while reducing dangerous and repetitive tasks performed by workers today.

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