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PlantSharp Advantages

PlantSharp MES software provides benefits that turn the ordinary manufacturing environment into a smart factory that interconnects machines, products and people to increases efficiency and utilization of every resource.

Introducing PlantSharp in your factory will increase operation performance, improve responsiveness and will allow full visibility of the jobs in the production floor in terms of efficiency, tracking and tracing and quality management.

Production Efficiency Made Easy

PlantSharp is a modular Manufacturing Execution System (MES) designed to meet demands of various types of industries and production methods such as discrete, batch and continuous and whether its processes are automated, semi-automated or manual.

Residing between the control layer and the ERP/Management level, the system enables complete visibility of the processes that are undergoing in the production-floor at any given moment by integrating information and data from three main sources: Control Layer, ERP Layer and System Operators.

PlantSharp is managing the entire information across the production floor from the moment the job order has been submitted for execution by the ERP system.

From that point the actual execution is tracked, monitored and managed by the system, working with the machine and guiding line operators step by step, managing work centers queues, tracking and tracing materials and tools and measuring the effectiveness of the production floor from the raw material throughout the process and until the goods made, packed and delivered.

Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory

In the era of IoT (Internet of Things) everyday objects are becoming “smart” by sharing their information with other objects and by recording their data and processing it.

Industry 4.0 is the 4th industrial revolution which enables factory resources to communicate their data in order to improve production and effectiveness and eventually make more and better products.

Industry 4.0 defines the term of the Smart Factory which is using IoT for industrial purposes and interconnects the machines, the products and the people and allows them all to share relevant data throughout the production floor to improve processes whether they are production processes, quality control, maintenance or planning.

PlantSharp MES system is designed to improve your factory manufacturing operations and to turn your factory into a Smart Factory.

Plant Sharp List of Modules:

  1. OEE
    1. Downtime Sub module
    2. Performance and Speedloss Sub Module
  2. Quality
  3. Track & Track
  4. Recipe and Routing
  5. Job Order Module
  6. Lab Module (LIMS)
  7. Scheduling Module
  8. Integration Tool (Automation Gateway)
  9. Basic Modules
    1. Plant Model
    2. User Management and HR
    3. Maintenance Management
    4. Internal Messaging
    5. Report Engine