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Trunovate’s PlantSharp MES software, provides the needed tools and insights to turn manufacturing plants into a smart factories- interconnecting machines, products and people to increase efficiencies and utilize every resource.

Introducing PlantSharp into your factory increases operation performance, improves responsiveness and allows full visibility of the production floor with in-depth tracking, tracing and quality management.


PlantSharp is a modular Manufacturing Execution System (MES) designed to meet demands of various types of industries and production methods whether processes are automated, semi-automated or manual.

Residing between the control layer and the ERP/Management level, this system enables complete visibility of processes on the production-floor at any given moment by integrating information and data from three main sources: Control Layer, ERP Layer and System Operators.

PlantSharp manages information across the production floor from the moment the job order has been placed by the ERP system until the product is shipped. PlantSharp guides the line operators step by step, managing work centers queues, tracking and tracing materials and tools – allowing you to measure the effectiveness of the production floor.


Within a new wave of manufacturing technology, IoT (Internet of Things) transforms manufacturing plants into smart factories by sharing, recording and processing data into actionable insights.

Industry 4.0 is the 4th industrial revolution that enables factory resources to communicate data for improved production and effectiveness to assist in efficiency and highest level of product production.

With the use of IoT, Trunovate can interconnect the machines, the products and the people to share and utilize data throughout the production floor for improved processes whether they are quality control, maintenance or planning processes.

PlantSharp’s MES is designed to improve your factory’s operations and product quality in order to turn your manufacturing plant into a smart factory and provide you the insights needed in order to grow your business.

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