Contel is the leading provider of OEE solution for pharmaceutical plants in Israel and have installed over 150 OEE lines since 2008.

In 2013 Contel is expanding the OEE offering with a unique proposition for the pharmaceutical plant

Contel offers a free 3-months OEE trial for one production or packaging line, including software and HW installation on-site.

What is OEE

OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness and allows a manufacturing plant to evaluate and indicate how effectively their production floor is utilized.

In addition to that, the OEE index is commonly used as a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) when conducting lean manufacturing practices in the organization.

Contel’s PharmaOEE™

The OEE allows plant managers to monitor the effectiveness of the different resources in the organization by presenting a clear index that contains the combination of an effective production at a glance and enables drill down to the highest data resolution to pin-point on the causes for lost efficiency.

  • Bird-eye view of the entire production with drill-down capabilities to allow higher data resolution
  • User defined interface for desired data presented
  • Modular OEE Formula (Availability X Performance X Quality) – subjected to changes based on plant definitions
  • Allows clear OEE analysis over a desired time-frame and allows any resolution such as OEE per line/department, shift, machine, plant etc..
  • Highly flexible design and architecture which allows best fit to every plant from any industry
  • Roll based – each user has his own privileges that exposes him to different information
  • Web Based, easy installation

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