Contel provides a wide range of solutions for the humidifiers required in air-conditioning installations in industry, agriculture and saunas (from Italian company CAREL).

The extensive product line offers solutions tailored to specific applications, taking into account factors such as cost, accuracy, water quality, level of maintenance, and naturally, the output required.

The humidifiers in the CAREL product line are based on two key principles:

The isothermal method, in which the humidifier converts the mains water to steam, and the adiabatic method in which the humidifier converts the mains water to a spray (mist).

In isothermal humidifiers, water is heated by means of heater elements or electrodes.

In the adiabatic humidifiers, the spray is achieved by means of  compressed air, or high water pressure, or by centrifugal humidifiers.

CAREL humidifiers are renowned for their quality and precision control of  relative humidity.

The steam humidifiers, based on electrodes or heating elements, are supplied from Contel stock and come with full service and support. Contel also carries out planning, installation and on-site commissioning, as necessary.

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