Building Control and HVAC&R

Since the first day of its establishment, Contel has been an active player in the field of building control and HVAC&R.

In accordance to its DNA, Contel is providing high quality comprehensive solutions based, on one hand, on its long lasting partnerships with leading vendors such as Siemens, Carel, Erie, Oventrop and more, and on the other hand, on Contel’s highly professional personnel and team of engineers which guarantees the tailoring of the best fit solution to the customer’s demands.

Contel maintains a large inventory for BC and HVAC related parts and this allows prompt and quick service as well as delivery of complete solutions without any unnecessary lead time for equipment procurement or shipment. Among others, we keep a large stock of sensors and switches (temperature, pressure, moisture, enthalpy, flow, level, gas concentration, etc..), PLCs and controllers, controlled valves for water and steam, dampers, regulators for pressure and flow, energy meters, moisturizers, VFDs and more

Contel has always been a pioneer in delivering computerized building control systems and has always maintained its reputation of supplying the best quality systems in the market.

In recent years, from various economic and environmental constraints, building control has put a great emphasis on energy efficiency and saving given the fact the HVAC systems are the largest and most common consumers in buildings nowadays, and we, in Contel, have all the tools, knowledge and equipment to supply Green, environmental friendly, energy efficient, sustainable projects

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