Lascada is a mobile based application which provides that user the real-time information he requires in order to have his plant visualized, on-the-go.
Lascada is designed for the industrial segment, using cutting edge technology, meeting industry demands for data security and allowing super quick installation and use.

Lascada is SaaS based which means no deployment, no hardware, no IT overhead, no problems.

Lascada’s 5 principles:

SIMPLE – designed with KISS in mind, we managed to create a simple, straight forward app
that requires no skills to operate or configure and that can be made available to every worker in the plant

VISUALIZE – having this principle as one of our guidelines, we wanted to create a solution that will make plant visualization and monitoring easier than what is out there today. Lascada is the answer. It allows quick setup and can be up and running within a matter of minutes.

REAL TIME – the data we visualize must reflect what is currently happening in the organization. The user can define for each value he is monitoring what will be the desired scan rate

INNOVATIVE  – innovation is our means to an end.
Lascada is the next generation of the industrial segment monitoring solution and as such, it must have out of the box approach that can break down old paradigms

EXPERIENCE – Easy and intuitive user experience

With such principle in mind we designed an application that the user does not only benefit from the information it provides, but he will also have a good time using it as well

Lascada’s Architecture:

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