We deliver HMI/SCADA solutions of FactoryTalk View® from Rockwell Automation.

This series of solutions includes an application generator both for simple control applications on a stand-alone computer, and for powerful HMI applications in a client-server and hot backup configuration.

The HMI product series has been installed with great success in dozens of leading industrial plants in Israel thanks to built-in mechanisms that help manufacturers track and control production processes much more easily. The HMI software offers a set of built-in object libraries which simplifies and shortens the application development and delivery process.

Our HMI and SCADA system activities include:

  • Detailed specification of the customer needs, and writing functional specification (FS) documents specifying the work processes supported by the software.
  • Supply of software licenses
  • Implementation of the software system, and preliminary tests by the company’s quality assurance team before the integration stage.
  • Installation at the customer site, system integration and testing, and supervision and training of the customer in the initial integration stages.
  • We supply all-inclusive solutions incorporating HMI-control systems, communications infrastructures, and interfaces to the ERP systems.

Contel supplies off-the-shelf products from Rockwell Automation to customers and systems integrators, including:

  • FactoryTalk View Site Edition -SE software, previously known as RSView SE, a software package for enterprise HMI applications. The package supports a distributed configuration, from an individual workstation to implementations based on servers and multiple end-user stations. The package is widely used in Israeli industry in food and drug plants and in process control, etc.
  • FactoryTalk ME software – for the production line or machine level.
  • FactoryTalk Studio for design and development of HMI projects.

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