Contel is leading the project of Mekorot for establishing a new national control and coordination center in Israel.

The new national control room will overview the existing 9 regional control centers in Israel which are responsible of managing and operating over 3,000 water facilities and drilling sites. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The regional control centers daily operates the water network of the entire country of Israel and collecting millions of records every hour from over 1 million I/O’s that are connected in the system.

The new national control and coordination center will deliver the following:

  • Provide a nation-wide glance, in real time of water quality, security and water supply
  • Control and manage the regional control rooms as well as coordinate
  • Provide a wide data analysis for operational excellence

Building and creating the national center is a complex and long process that includes A-Z services provided by Contel such as customer requirement gathering, planning and designing, customization of software, testing and implementation and on-site training.

Here is a more elaborating description of the tasks that are being performed:


  1. Customer Requirement Specification
  2. Design of the backbone that contains all the types of data that is required at the different control levels (facility, regional)
  3. Designing and planning how every element and I/O will be calculated in the control center


  1. Defining the functional elements and data types
  2. Developing a new algorithm of National Synchronization of data
  3. Defining possible scenarios that triggers various I/O calculation procedures
  4. Developing new HMI/SCADA screens that visualize data in the national level
  5. Defining new alarms and events
  6. Building new graphs and reports in QlikView BI


  1. Tests are carefully performed by Contel quality tests experts in order to simulate and examine the effect of coordination masses of operational data, in real time and from various sources