In 2006, when we first begun executing MES systems (Manufacturing Execution Systems) that support mobile barcode and RFID systems in the warehouse, packaging or inventory – we thought we were witnessing history in the making..

We were satisfied that our customers, being the early adapters, are allowing us to implement new technologies in their production floor.

Don’t take it the wrong way, it’s not that back then the mobile barcode and RFID systems were so innovative but it was the change in perception of the industrial customers, that realized they can have mobile reporting stations and save time of getting from one place to another in order to operate and report, that took us by surprise and started a new era in the industrial automation management systems.

Since the mentioned above had took place the mobile world developed rapidly and became very common and as a result, the demand for working with mobile devices, tablets and smart phone, in the production floor and manufacturing operations has dramatically increased and we at Contel ITS found ourselves delivering more and more involved in the mobile world.

We started to gradually delivering more and more sophisticated and complex systems that work and operate both in the mobile devices (iOS, Android, Win8) and in the common way over standard PCs.

Recently, Contel ITS had begun to deliver a mobile solution for one of the largest process manufacturers in Israel, that provides integrated data from HMI/SCADA systems (real time) and from peripheral systems and allows the managers and key users to get the relevant data from the production – anytime and anywhere.

The system allows the line operators and floor managers a mobile access through smartphones to work and report, throughout the production line, and get real time information from the PLC layer.

Floor managers will also have access to various operational reports that are generated by demand or as a result of an alarm or fault in the production that triggers the report.

Contel ITS is investing thousands of work hours every year in developing our manufacturing solutions and introducing new technologies to the industrial market.

We are investing thousands of man hours every year to explore and research for the best available technology and we utilize it for the industrial market by providing advance management solutions with the next generation capabilities.