A Managing System for Manufacturing Execution Systems was assimilated in Solbar Industries Plant by Trunovate, a subsidiary of the Contel Group. A new software system for the production management within Solbar plants in Israel and in the USA was uploaded, and is expected to be distributed to additional sites of the company, both in Israel and World–Wide. The Contel I. T. S. solutions were chosen after the completion of a prolonged deepened process of exploration.

The Contel I. T. S. Ltd Company of the Contel Group, a software solutions supplier for production management, assimilates a manufacturing execution system (MES) for the purpose of managing the production floor in Solbar Industries plants – one of the world leading companies dealing with the production of special soybean protein. The project will be gradually implemented in the company plants in Israel as well as in other various sites world–wide.

In the framework of this project, a managing system for the production floor is being assimilated these days within plants of Solbar Industries by Trunovate., using an innovative technology of the company.

The system is an essential operational tool for the Solbar activity – It provides the company management with a direct access to information related to production output, stock supplies, downtime periods and so on, improving the control of the various managing functionaries over the different aspects of the manufacture and chain of supply. The system also delivers abilities to the quality assurance improvement and Audit Trail.

Shai Gershon, CEO of Trunovate states “Trunovate is continuously leading and developing the MES market in Israel. Based on the Solbar controlled policy introduced by the management, which raises the banner of investment for the purpose of organizational increasing efficiency, we expect that Solbar will continue on growing.” He adds, “Just like other projects implemented throughout the industrial fields by us, this system which has been assimilated in Solbar, is going to deliver excellent operational tools designed to improve the control held by the various management functionaries, and to grant Solbar with the flexibility and transparency in the production floor.”

Yaffa Barzinov, the manager of information systems in Solbar says, “The assimilation of the new system for the production management will enable the company to continue its growth momentum. The new system is essential to the efficient operation of the production in the Solbar Industries plant, and the decision about the system assimilation earned all the support from the company senior functionaries. The implementation of the system and the identification of the operation processes, the reporting of the production and the quality required in Solbar industries plants, both in Israel and world–wide, are going to widely improve the control and the information accumulation from all the company plants”.

About Solbar

Headquartered in Israel, Solbar is a global company with production plants in Israel, in China and in the USA. The company deals with the development, manufacturing and marketing of soybean protein to the food industry various fields, such as beverage, snacks, meat and meat substitutions. In addition, Solbar markets animal food products and isoflavones.