Klil integrated a new software system for managing conveyance on the production floor at its plant in Karmiel. The company chose the solutions from Trunovate after a lengthy investigation. The scope of the project: NIS 650,000.

Trunovate, a member of the Contel Group and a provider of MES solutions, successfully implemented a system for managing conveyance on the production floor at the Klil plant in Karmiel. Klil is the leader in the development, production and marketing of aluminum systems for the building construction and industrial sectors in Israel and abroad. The scope of the project: NIS 650,000.

According to Klil CEO Arie (Richie) Richtman: “Integration of the new system upgraded production at Klil, improving deliveries to customers in Israel and abroad, as the conveyance of thousands of profiles was significantly upgraded”.

In the project, Contel ITS integrated a conveyance management system on the production floor to replace the existing one. The system is a critical tool for Klil operations, constituting a link between the inventory management system and the production floor controllers.  Its main function involves receiving an aluminum profile conveyance instruction from the inventory management system, processing the incoming instruction, and sending instructions to the plant’s controllers that control the array of conveyor belts and cranes.

According to Shai Gershon, CEO Trunovate: ” Trunovate, the leader in the MES market in Israel, has a proven track record in the implementation of such systems in a wide array of industries, including the plastics, food, drugs and pharmaceuticals industries.  Our experience and expertise is reflected in our many projects in Israel and Europe, which is why we were chosen by Klil to execute the biggest project of its kind ever in Israel”.

In the event of a fault in the inventory management system, the system enables conveyance instructions to be issued directly to the plant’s controllers. In addition, the system provides a user interface to information on the system status, work reports, stocks, communications faults, and faults reported by the production floor controllers.

During the development phase, Contel set up another communications channel in addition to the existing one, enabling the existing system to continue working while the new installation underwent testing and commissioning. This resulted in a short system commissioning time, without any disruptions to routine production at the plant.The user interface was upgraded to the latest technology and assigned a Hebrew web interface. The new interface allows system users with different levels of permissions to log on from any workstation at the plant and to perform operations, view data, monitor events and generate reports.

About Klil

Klil Industries Ltd. is the largest Israeli firm developing, designing, manufacturing and marketing aluminum systems for the building construction and industrial sectors, for both local and export markets. The company was founded in 1950 and employs a workforce of 250 at its new complex near Karmiel. The company’s shares have been traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 1981, with most of the shares held by the Daboosh Investments Group.

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The project made use of the ControlLogix family of programmable controllers from Rockwell Automation.