Semiconductor and electronics manufacturers need to mass-produce at low cost, while adhering to stringent quality standards. Business innovation demands that manufacturers continually adapt the production floor to new products and new manufacturing processes. Flexibility and customization on the production floor are the name of the game to survive in this demanding market. Contel has specialized in this field for over 20 years. The company supplies manufacturers with automation and control solutions of the highest quality to meet the unique challenges and needs on the production floor.

Contel provides the electronics and semiconductor industry with solutions in the following areas:

  • Supply of automation and control solutions to FMCS plants, using Allen-Bradley control systems.
  • Implementation of air-conditioning control solutions for clean rooms.
    Implementation of software solutions for real time monitoring of production outputs – OEE.
  • Analytical instrumentation solutions for measuring concentrations of gases and liquids in manufacturing processes.
  • Implementation of software systems for optimizing production processes in the plating baths of electronics components.
  • Solutions for managing component testing, manufacturing processes, and the supply chain.

Customers include: Intel Kiryat Gat, Intel Jerusalem, Tower Semiconductors, Vishay, Eltec, etc.

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