Diversifying energy sources and reducing reliance on fossil fuels are vital in the new global economy. Environmental considerations, a rise in energy prices, and high growth rates in the global economy have heightened awareness for and the importance of renewable energy sources. Financing, investments, and extensive development have been undertaken in this area in recent years, leading to large-scale engineering projects. Contel helps entrepreneurs in the field effectively implement their solutions and turn their dreams into reality. Contel has a powerful vision for improving the environment. The company has set itself the goal of leading, promoting and supplying top-notch technological solutions to optimize the utilization of electricity generation facilities that are based on renewable energies. In addition to its concrete vision, Contel also has a proven track record in pivotal, interesting projects underway in Israel and around the world.

Our activity in the area of renewable energy includes:

  • Design of automation and control systems for solar power stations.
  • Emulation of harsh operating conditions and simulation of operation in climate rooms.
  • Manufacture of control cabinets according to stringent standards in order to maximize efficiencies in harsh operating environments.
  • Implementation and supply of automation and control solutions for electricity generation systems based on renewable energy.
  • Design and implementation of communications systems, including full redundancy under extreme environmental conditions.
  • Design, implementation and integration of software systems for monitoring and optimizing production installations.
  • Design and supply of control systems for monitoring the vibrations of rotating equipment – for steam turbines.
  • TMR (Triple Modular Redundancy) automation and control solutions for maximizing the availability and efficiency of production installations.
  • Supply of analytical instrumentation for monitoring gases and liquids in production installations.

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