Process control plants face major challenges, primarily the need to improve production processes, the need for stringent production safety measures, and the need to reduce emissions and pollutants. New regulations and international treaties are forcing the industry to seek technological solutions to safeguard their activity and preserve the environment. Contel has professional expertise in this area of industry and comprehensive solutions for enhanced control of production processes, including continuous monitoring of environmental pollutants.

Contel solutions for the process control industry

  • A comprehensive system for control of production processes based on the PlantPAx solution from Rockwell Automation.
  • Analytical instrumentation and solutions for sampling and monitoring gases and liquids in manufacturing processes.
  • Control valves from Dresser Masoneilan for all types of applications in the process control industry.
  • TMR (Triple Modular Redundancy) solutions for assuring control in critical manufacturing processes.
  • Software solutions for collecting production data, predictive control and decision support systems – through off-the-shelf packages from our business partners.
  • Solvent recovery facilities in cooperation with the Project Department at Rockwell Automation.

Contel’s customers include leading industrial process control plants in Israel.

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