The food and beverages market is characterized by dynamic change and global competition. To be competitive, food and beverage manufacturers need to have a highly flexible production floor capable of rapidly adapting production to constantly changing market demands. Cutting down of production costs and continuous improvement of efficiencies are essential to remaining competitive and successful in this field.

Contel operates in the following areas of the food and beverage industry:

  • Control solutions for managing the preparatory stages of batch production, in accordance with the methodology of the ISA S88 standard.
  • Solutions for controlling packaging machines.
  • Analytical instrumentation for monitoring gases and liquids in manufacturing processes.
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) software for managing production in leading food and beverage manufacturing plants.

Contel has proven experience in such applications, including integration of hardware and software from its business partners.

Contel’s most recent food and beverage projects:

  • Automation and control systems at Osem/ Nestle plants for Sabra Salads and Tivol products in the Czech Republic.
  • MES systems for management of the Unilever morning cereal production plant in Arad, and for the Prigat and Solbar plants, etc.
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