Advanced solutions for Desalination and Waste Water plants

The world’s water and environmental technologies market constitutes a major opportunity for the Israeli economy. The world is facing growing water shortages, global warming and environmental challenges. Israel has the tools and experience to successfully address these problems. Contel, together with its subsidiary Hydrocom Control Systems Ltd., offers solutions in the area of automation and control for optimal operation of water supply systems, water desalination plants and sewage treatment plants. Contel has engineering staff with a proven track record in the water industries.

Our solutions in this area include:

  • Supply of automation and control systems for water desalination plants, and for public and industrial wastewater treatment plants.
  • High-power variable speed drives and soft starters for regulating pump speeds.
  • Supply of analytical instrumentation for monitoring and measuring water and wastewater contaminants.
  • Supply of switching, distribution and electrical drive systems for water treatment plants.
  • Supply of software solutions for the management and optimization of water supply systems, through the activities of Hydrocom.

Industry 4.0 Control System for DESALINATION plant

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