Business partners in industrial automation and control

Prosoft – USA

ProSoft Technology provides solutions to help our customers increase production, reduce downtime, and lower operating and maintenance costs worldwide.

Rockwell Automation – USA

Hardware and software products for industrial automation and control, MES software solutions, HMI systems, as well as supplementary products.

Allen-Bradley – Rockwell Automation, USA

programmable controllers, motion controllers, variable speed drives and supplementary products.


world’s most widely-used Alarm Notification Software

Fanuc Robotics, Japan

complete range of industry-leading products and services for robotics

Cognex- USA

Vision systems: Smart Camera, Smart Sensor.


ITALPLANT is developing and manufacturing cutting edge indexers and precision link carriers.

Pickit3D – Belgium

Pick-it is a plug and play product that guides your robot to pick and place a wide range of products in different applications.

JVL – Denmark

Leading in development and production of a wide range of versatile, high quality integrated stepper motors.

Kepware, USA

OPC servers (drivers) for widely used communications protocols in industry.

Cisco, USA

Industrial communications switches and supplementary communications solutions.

Stober – Germany

With the different lines of axial and right-angle gear units STOBER offers a great variety of customizable solutions to fit a wide range of applications.
The STOBER motor adapter system allows you to attach almost any make of motor.

TAKTOMAT – Germany

Since more than 25 years the TAKTOMAT GmbH produces precise, customer-oriented and high-quality products and solutions for the automation industry e.g.bevel gear, rotary tables, rotary indexers, parallel gears or cam mechanism.

Business Partners in the area of Process Control

RaCo S.A.S, Italy

Pipes, heated pipes and heating elements for sampling systems of gas concentration measurements.

L&J / GPE Controls Inc., USA

Measurement systems, fittings and accessories for large storage tanks and tank farms (level gauging systems, vents, pressure/vacuum regulating valves, etc.).

Durag GmbH, Germany

Continuous analyzers for measuring concentrations of particulates, dust, and gas flows. Systems for storing data from flue measurements (DAS).

Dresser/Masoneilan, Italy, USA

Industrial control valves for liquids, steam and gas.

COMPUR Monitors, Germany

Fixed and portable detectors for measuring toxic and explosive gases.

Ados GmbH – Germany

Sensors for explosive and/or toxic gases such as CO, CO2, LPG, CH4, Cl2, etc., and warning and control systems for ventilation of car parks, battery rooms, labs, etc.

ABB-Total Flow, USA

Gas chromatography for measuring natural gas calorific values, and natural gas flow computers.

ABB Inc.- Analytical Div. ABB Inc. – Analytical Division, USA, Germany and UK

Continuous analyzers, gas chromatography and FTIR – analysis of gases and liquids in flues and production processes.  [Formerly Hartmann & Braun]

Bussiness Partners- HVAC & R

Oventrop – Germany

Flow and differential pressure regulating valves in water systems (hydronic systems) for HVAC

Carel s.r.l. – Italy

Chiller controllers, universal programmable controllers for air-conditioning, electronic expansion valves, cooling installation controllers, control systems for supermarkets, and humidifiers.

Barcol Air BV- Holland

VAV boxes and air mixing boxes for air conditioning.

Siemens Building Technologies – Switzerland

HVAC equipment and systems, computerized building management systems, sensors, control valves, damper actuators, air-conditioning controllers, and energy metering systems.

Bussiness Partners- Information Solutions


ASKOM is the Integrator of Automation Systems, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and SCADA producer and the distributor of Plant Sharp MES in the region of Poland

Sismetric – Dosing Systems

Sismetric designs and develops raw material feeding systems, conveying systems, gravimetric dosing units, extruder line control systems, management & data acquisition software for all types of plastic factories

Rockwell Automation, USA

Hardware and software products for industrial automation and control, MES software solutions, HMI systems, as well as supplementary products.

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